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 Fragrances to awaken the memory and to tell the universe of those who wear them
Products with plant based and natural active ingredients higly concentrated for the well-being of those who use them

We create generous and intense fragrances like nature, beautiful and unique like Florence, reassuring and persistent like the history of the Renaissance: we enhance the meeting between the Florentine Renaissance Perfume tradition and the generous and creative use of natural raw materials and the wise and balanced of modern synthetic raw materials.
When the Florentine Renaissance Perfume tradition meets the wise and creative use of modern natural and synthetic raw materials, it inspires the creation of our refined and persistent Niche Perfumes and Fragrances, to accompany emotions and moments of life with originality and sweetness . We create them and we have been producing them in Italy for two generations with the registered trademark i Profumi di Firenze Dott.Di Massimo.

The therapeutic and cosmetic properties of plants allow us to create high-quality cosmetics with highly concentrated plant and natural active ingredients that guarantee their effectiveness. The products of our registered trademark, La Cosmetica Fiorentina Dott.Di Massimo, stand out for their absence of parabens, paraffins, chelating agents and synthetic antioxidants and they are dermatologically tested.

Dry herbal extracts with super concentrated plant active ingredients have therapeutic properties documented by clinical and scientific studies. For this, Dott.Di Massimo, thanks to the passion for nature and plants and a long experience as a pharmacist, creates formulas with different and carefully selected ingredients whose action enhances the other ingredients properties sinergically. Gli Integratori Dott. Di Massimo are notified and approved by the Ministry of Health.

How we do it: We create all the formulas, produce and sell the products directly to maximize the quality of the ingredients used and their concentration to maintain a quality-price ratio among the best in our category. The production process is handcrafted and allows us to constantly innovate in full compliance with the our brand values. The care of every single relationship with customers and retailers is vital for us business.
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Customer Service: Orders and Expeditions


During summer holidays, shipments will be suspended as from August the 2nd. All orders completed after this date will be shipped starting from August the 21st.

If you need any information about Orders, Payments, Shipment and Products before and after purchase, please  contact by phone our shop in Florence Monday - Sunday 10.00- 19.30 or write an e-mail to info@spezieriepalazzovecchio.it or use the contact form.                                                                                                        Every month we offer a special promotion on selected products.                 See current month Promotion!

We deliver every parcel from our warehouse with special packaging that complies with current regulations on specific products so please contact us for tracking details. Every country has own specific laws and rules for shipment , please contact us for any question about it.

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New Showroom
By: Francesca Di Massimo - 10 Apr

We have just inaugurated our new warehouse-showroom, which is now bigger and more functional to help us pack, prepare and ship our customers' orders. Now We can deliver in Europe and around te World more quickly. Please contact us for details for shipment in your country

By: Francesca Di Massimo - 07 Mar

All the fragrances that we use in our Eau de Parfum, Concentrati and Home Frgarances are KOSHER certified, HALAL certified, OGM FREE, GLUTEN FREE, PARABENS FREE, VEGANs and  VEGETARIANs OK

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