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Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Dr. Di Massimo where nature is a timeless reality: with kindness and good humour, Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio has always meant professional responses, satisfaction of doubts and personalized reccomendations. Live or online, in Florence as in the world: unique products for beauty, health and well-being.

Seguendo una dieta sana, non riusciamo ad assumere in quantità sufficiente molti componenti di cui l’organismo necessita. Pertanto l’uso quotidiano degli integratori diventa molte volte indispensabile. Ci sono in commercio tantissimi tipi di integratori ma la completezza, l’unicità, l’efficacia, la personalizzazione del prodotto sono qualità che caratterizzano soltanto gli integratori del Dr. Di Massimo. La vasta gamma di questi prodotti naturali, garantisce non solo un beneficio personale immediato ma soprattutto un miglioramento indiscutibile degli esami ematochimici nel tempo. Tutto ciò mi permette, in assoluta sicurezza, di prescrivere questi integratori ad una vasta gamma di pazienti, certa del fatto che ognuno ne trarrà il beneficio sperato
Rosanna Caretto, Medico
il mio profumo del cuore è la Vaniglia del Madagascar.... io sono una appassionata di vaniglie, ne avrò provate a decine ma come la vostra.... non esiste! l'ho anche consigliata ad alcune amiche che mi chiedevano consiglio!
Susanna Pratesi
Fabulous store, Fabulously helpful and professional staff who were both extremely helpful to me on my recent visit to Florence. I love the fragrance i purchased and have just made an additional online purchase. I just loved this store. Thank you to the two ladies who were working there, for your kindness, time, incredible knowledge, expertise and good humour. To me, I find your essences really remedy one through the senses, ie harmonise, uplift, delight and soothe the soul.. a duty to the one who discovers you .. to share :)
Alana Baluk, Sydney- Australia
I love about your shop: the kind and informed salespeople and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and how you care and identify with your products. Please let me know if you need further testimonials. I'd be glad to. I ordered the karite cream without knowing if it would suit me - it's already becoming a new favourite after two days. How do you do this?! To produce creams thet feel so good and nourishing and leave the skin silky? I'm very happy with this also! And I was asked in Munich on Saturday evening what kind of scent I wear. So - keep up the good work with your website also! And: never stop!
I was in Florence and found about your shop online which some Japanese were writing about. Living in NY, LA, Germany and Poland, it’s very hard to find a satisfying cosmetics. One thing about your product that I love most is that you don’t spend a lot of money for luxury package. That’s one of the most expensive part of producing something and when I tried your product, I knew from the beginning that you are more concentrating on ingredients.
I’m so concerned about the fragrance whenever I’m looking for new stuff and your product had just the right amount of natural smell. I like how you keep the oil product in brown glass bottle instead of plastics to keep them from being oxidized.
Tornare a Firenze non sarebbe così perfetto senza immergersi nell'atmosfera da alchimista delle Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio; le creme e gli integratori sono naturali, concentrati e molto efficaci ed hanno il fascino segreto delle soddisfazioni rare: proprio come piace a me...
Allegra Corsini
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