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passionate of what we do

We welcome you on our website and in our shop in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence where you can spend all the time you want between our Fragrances doing olfactory experience very personal. Our staff will be happy to have all the information you need about the composition and the facets of Perfumes, the ingredients and the function of our cosmetics and our specialized products. The doctors there will explain the therapeutic properties of plants that make up our supplements.

You can find all this information on this site that also includes a special olfactory journey that will guide you virtually through colors and evocations related to the various fragrances,but for any doubt or request for advice please email us at info@spezieriepalazzovecchio.it.  We will respond to all your email detailing our answers to give you all the information necessary to understand what are the products that address your needs. As for the purchase of supplements always we recommend to bring our information to your doctor.

Who we are:

Giovanni Di Massimo. Founder and  President. Creator of the formulas of all products Nose and creator of perfumes. Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Urbino

Nicoletta Morrocchi.Co-Responsible for sales activities in the Flagship. Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Florence


Francesca Maestrelli. Co-Responsable for sales activities in the Flagship.Herbalist Diploma at the University of Urbino.


Leonardo Miliani. Logistics and order, BtoB administration. 

Francesca Di Massimo. General Manager and Responsible for brand distrinution and for e-commerce. Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Florence and Herbalist Diploma at the University of Urbino. Attendance at Mouillettes&Co on "Tecniche della Profumeria e Linguaggio degli Odori".


Formulation Philosophy of la Cosmetica Fiorentina:

Our Cosmetics are 100% natural. They follow a precise formulation philosophy that stands for  

Use of vegetables and organic substances with scientifically proven effectiveness. Synthetic substances have been reduced to a minimum quantity and limited to technical and productive requirements. 

All products contain active ingredients of proven effectiveness and plant extracts with high title.

Our formulation philosophy includes, within each product, a small number of active ingredients but all with high concentration.NO Vaseline oils nor Paraffin.

No impeached preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, Parabens, formaldehyde, isothiazolinones. The preservatives are composed of a mixture of benzyl alcohol (a substance found in many natural essential oils) and Dehydroacetic acid (preservatives ECOCERT allowed).

No traditional chelating agents such as EDTA. . We are using a natural sequestering agent extracted from rice hulls -phytic acid -, which, in addition to the chelating and preservatives properties, acts as antioxidant, whitening, and soothing agent.No synthetic antioxidants such as BHA and BHT.

The antioxidant system consists of a natural blend of ASCORBYL PALMITATE and free tocopherol

To ensure safety of all products, they have been tested to verify the contents of heavy metals Nickel (much lower than the threshold of allergenicity), microbiological testing and Challenge of dermatological Patch test at the Cosmetology Center at the University of Ferrara.


Integratori Naturali del Dott.Di Massimo

The Integratori Dr. Di Massimo contain Natural Active Ingredients and Nutrients that are essential for the human welfare (vitamins, minerals, enzymes and plant proteins). They are useful when the body has nutritional deficiencies caused by various factors such as diet choices, illness, physical or mental stress. The Integratori Dott.di Massimo are not intended as an alternative to drugs, instead  they can be associated to the various Clinical Syndromes treatment as they are designed to maintain the normal physiological functions of the organism.

They are formulated according to three main criteria:

All Active Ingredients used in the formulas are Titled and highly concentrated.

The composition of supplements, when possible, relies on the principle of the Synergy according to which a remedy enhances the action of the other when they are together.

The supplements formulation is periodically updated based on the results of published scientific research and possibly amended to offer cutting-edge and secure products.

The Integratori Dr. Di Massimo are all registered at the Italian Ministry of Healthcare and every Supplements includes Ingredients, active ingredients with quantity, dosage and description.


i Profumi di Firenze:

Research, development, innovation and tradition optimization has always been a top priority for Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio and Dr. Di Massimo has been inspired by the city of Florence for the development of the scent line i Profumi di Firenze. The inspiration of our Fragrances comes from the Renaissance period, namely from the ancient book of Perfumes "recipes" by CATERINA DE ' MEDICI and her PERFUMERS, called MUSCHIARI, Florence was considered the world capital of perfume.

By leveraging his own research laboratory he realized a highly qualified crafted product line and, in all these years he managed to produce almost four hundreds scents who are known as ACQUA MIRABILI ODOROSE DI FIRENZE ® which is also a Registered Trademark.  Spezieria also decide to trademark 3 additonal Scents among its large production which are the most appreciated and loved by the customers: L’Uomo di Pitti ®, Senza Fine ®, Sapore di Mare ®.  

We use both natural and synthetic ingredients for plants and flowers but use only synthetic ingredients for animal notes.
Each Perfume has a relevant percentage of natural fragrance that varies scent by scent based on their olfactory pyramid. We decided to use natural ingredients as they give the scent the typical olfactory richness that makes the fragrance enveloping, engaging and warm.
We include synthetic ingredients for the following reasons:
• The exclusive use of natural ingredients would strongly limit the possibility to create appealing and pleasant scents. Synthetic ingredients can isolate selected scents shade and therefore reproduce selected molecules among the many that compose a natural ingredient. Thus giving the possibility to Noses to strongly “personalize” scents
• Some Natural ingredients can be incredibly expensive due to extractive procedures or rareness of plants and flowers
• Synthetic ingredients can reproduce natural ingredients of flowers or plants that cannot be used due to the risk of extinction
• Animal Notes are always synthetic nowadays as it is not considered ethical to take them from alive animals, but the main reason is that animal notes are too strong. In the modern era animal notes have been mostly kept as base notes to fix the perfume in minimal quantities.

We have been creating niche perfumes since 30 years and the wise use of naturla and syntetich ingredients differentiates our brand in the market.

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