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Since 1979 we are in the heart of Florence, in Piazza Signoria in a small and stylish room of 14th century, where time seems to have stopped.  We have been offering high quality natural cosmetic and artistic Perfums to customers coming from all around the world.

Dr. Massimo is a pharmacist since 1965. He has owned many pharmacies around Italy, but he very soon started to create and realize his own crafted products as he felt a very strong need to bring back, in his pharmacies, the NATURAL, PHYTOCOSMETIC and PHYTOTHERAPIC products; in fact, the pharmaceutical industry was increasingly moving away from this world, by preferring synthetic products created in chemical laboratories. In 1978 he decided to take a sabbatical year and he moved with his family in the countryside to study plants and phototherapy full time and to plan and realize his own brand and formulas. At that time he strats his "Book of Herbs" Therefore Dr. Massimo decided to leave the traditional Pharmacy business to dedicate his work life to this activity by moving to Florence and founding the brand Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio.

His mission was to realize natural crafted phytocosmetics and phytotherapic to address people needs of targeting physical and mental balance by avoiding, in his formulas, any kind of preservatives and synthetic active ingredients.

These natural products created and produced by Dr. Di Massimo has been greeted with enthusiasm and growing interest since the very beginning, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Dr. Di Massimo has been one of the early starters in this space acting as a flywheel for the development of the whole sector.

Research, development, innovation and tradition optimization has always been a top priority for Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio and Dr. Di Massimo has been inspired by the city of Florence for the development of the scent line i Profumi di Firenze. The inspiration of our Fragrances comes from the Renaissance period, namely from the ancient book of Perfumes "recipes" by CATERINA DE ' MEDICI and her PERFUMERS, called MUSCHIARI, Florence was considered the world capital of perfume.

By leveraging his own research laboratory he realized a highly qualified crafted product line and, in all these years he managed to produce thousands and thousands of typical Florence perfumes who are known as ACQUE MIRABILI ODOROSE. These perfumes always had a big success as they are not only niche Perfumes, but also because their names and their fragrances can stimulate evocative feelings in the people.








".....Dov'è finita la parte più tenera della nostra memoria, 
   quella dell'infanzia e della prima giovinezza?
  Sicuramente confinata,
  in qualche remoto angolo del nostro universo,
  vorrà riemergere!
 A volte, per ritrovarla, basta saper ascoltare la fresca, dolce, incantata fragranza di un Profumo di Firenze".

     Dott. Di Massimo

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